Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi Purnima:-

The pageant is likewise called Rakhi Purnima as it falls on the total moon day of the Hindu month ‘Shravana’. The month of Shravana is the month of gods and pujas (worships) and the full moon day is the most important day of all. Rakhi Purnima is important in a couple of manners. seeing that, the competition is well known in many states, it is regarded with many names and rituals however the only element that does not trade is the prayer and pledge for the safety of siblings.

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Distinctive districts have diverse convictions relating to Raksha Bandhan and take after various ceremonies. In the Western Ghats, rakhi is thought to be an offering to Lord Varuna – the Lord of the ocean. Master Varuna is offered Coconuts. On this day, coconuts are tossed into the ocean as a custom. Here, the celebration of Rakhi is known as Nariyal Purnima, and it additionally denotes the start of the angling season.

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Rakhi Purnima


Avani Avittam in South India:-

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In South India, Raksha Bandhan is called Avani Avittam. The celebration is vital for Brahmins. They first clean up and afterward change their heavenly string or bath (Janeyu) in the midst of droning the mantras. They promise to play out the Brahmanic obligations as recommended in the sacred books and receive a decent direct and poise. The Janeyu is a portrayal of the promise for adherence to Vedic culture, recognition of Hindu conventions and administration to mankind. The service is called Shravani or Rishi Tarpan. All Brahmans commend it similarly.

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Kajari Purnima in North India:-

Kajari Purnima is the call by means of which the party of Rakhi is thought in North India. The party is recommended when wheat and grain are sown on this locale. Goddess Bhagwati is loved and agriculturists search for her gifts for a respectable yield. The name Baleva connotes the might of King Bali and his determination to ruler Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

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In Gujarat, individuals offer water to the Shivalinga each Monday of the month. On Rakhi Purnima they provide water and enchantment to God for absolution. in one provider called Pavitropana, a couple of grew to become fibers of cotton are absorbed panchagaivya (combo of dairy animals’ ghee, drain, curd, pee etc and after that secured round a shivalinga.

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In Scriptures, Raksha Bandhan is portrayed as ‘Punya Pradayak’ which means multi-day that gives aids to the liberal ‘Vish Tarak’ the destroyer of venom or the horrendous ‘Pap Nashak’ the destroyer of sins.

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